Books we send

All books must be in very good condition.

We take the most basic ABC books through to Harry Potter level.

Reference books are most welcome if the information is current.

If you are unsure please feel free to email

Books we don’t send

We do not send books that are in anything less than very good condition. As a guideline, this includes books with any scribble, tatty covers, torn pages.

The following appear in donations every year and it takes time for our volunteers to remove them and money for them to be recycled. If these books are within your donation, we would ask that you remove them before they reach us please:

  • used colouring books and activity books

  • cook books, self-help books, dieting books etc

  • books with racist or offensive content

  • out-of-date reference books

  • books in languages other than English

  • books unlikely to be of interest to children aged 5-18

  • text books (ie. Australian curriculum specific books as they cannot be meaningfully repurposed in Fijian schools)

  • CDs and DVDs

Kindergarten supplies

We take kindergarten level books, wooden educational toys, art and craft supplies, and other durable early childhood toys & games. We do not send soft toys, battery operated toys or CDs/DVDs.