Our Board

fiona lÜth


Fiona Luth founded Fiji Book Drive in 2012. It came about after the death of her second parent. Fiona was in Kadavu, Fiji and had a flash of inspiration, realising she wanted to create as much positivity in the world as possible. She met an inspiring couple called Peter and Margaret Long who run the charity 'Children of Fiji'. Hearing their stories of helping Fiji's children inspired her further. She spoke to her friend Lavenia Tamani about the lack of books in schools. She became aware that all schooling in Fiji was compulsorily taught in English. Fiona thought she could do something about this problem.

Back in Australia, Fiona mentioned her idea of doing a book drive to her friend Laura Hahn. Laura liked the idea and provided support through her family's freight forwarding business for five years.


lavenia tamani


Lavenia Tamani is the Operations Manager of Fiji Book Drive. Prior to sending the donations, Lavenia surveys the schools and assesses what is needed and the infrastructure available. When the donations arrive in Fiji, Lavenia deals with the logistics of schools receiving and delivering the books. She is critical in developing relationships with the schools, and her people skills are second to none.

She grew up in Kadavu, Fiji in the village of Naivakarauniniu. From when Lavenia's children were at primary school till now, she has seen a massive change in school resources in Kadavu, largely due to the work of Fiji Book Drive. She has four adult children and believes in the importance of education. 

Daniel luth


Daniel is an equities analyst with Melbourne-based fund manager Balanced Equity Management. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from the Univerisity of Melbourne and is a Fellow of Finsia. He has visited a number of schools on Kadavu and seen first hand the positive impact that Fiji Book Drive has had on the children and staff.  




Laura has a Bachelor of Science (Hons). She has worked as a geologist, as well as an HR Practice Manager and Management Consultant. As a Director, she brings people skills and negotiation skills, as well as practical business skills from 14 years experience running small businesses.